donderdag 8 mei 2014

Like butterflies ..... on their way to God!

Yet a flower and then again another one ....
Another holiday and then the next one .....
Another party and then the next one .....
Yet another car and again another one ....
Another beautiful dress for the beach and then the next one ....
Yet another .... and then again another one .... and then ....

We are all flying travelers: exploring the unknown, doing new things and fly like a butterfly from one flower to another, one day after another. In an ongoing movement, in a deadly tiring circle.

We fly away, even though we may be as many as 70 or 80 or even 90 years old. Life flies by. Ask it the older people; they will tell you that it is true. And to that which they remember, it is (or it was) trouble and sorrow.

They will say, -if they were honest-, that life is like a fast boat, that it has been as a yacht ship, like the speed of an eagle that dives on his prey, like an arrow that flies by day, as steam clouds from boiling water, carried away by the wind.

A farmer, Wulfert Floor, from Driebergen (then a very small village) in the Netherlands, wrote about it 150 years ago. About the flying traveler, about flying away, about that temporary flying which will end. Sometimes soon, unexpected and quick, sometimes after a long flight and after a lot of flowers.

Full of love Wulfert Floor urged the people to think about the coming death and the 'thereafter'. "And now my friends! Time flies away, eternity is approaching, seek and choose Jesus, are then happy forever."

Full of love also Lacey Sturm calls on it in one of her occurrences for the today youth in the U.S.. "What we see" she says, "is temporary and what we do not see is eternal. This life, from the womb to 100 years, if necessary, is just "a blink of an eye and a preparation for the world to come."

"... and yet it put us to die once, and after this the judgment"

All that flying from flower to flower, all that taking from the temporary as if no invisible things would be. Lacey Sturm about it: "That's a lie, it makes us so empty, so broken and leads to death, but Jesus, the Son of God, came to give life to the fullest."

Unimaginable, at the same time, impressive to establish that a total of different cultures, from other centuries in ancient times, the messages in the core were the same and still are.

"..... that Jesus still calls you and invites you and still offer His grace Oh! Fly then still to Jesus!" (Wulfert Floor) "God loves you, even though you hate Him, and even if you reject Him!" (Lacey Sturm) They both call: "Choose, save your soul from death, live and die with Jesus!"

Watch and listen for one of the testimonies of Lacey Sturm:

Read the sermon of Wulfert Floor of 'The Flying Passenger'. This exercise as mentioned by Floor who spoke to smaller groups in barns, schools and on courtyards of ranches) is in the third volume of "All the simple exercises' as exercise number 10.

Written by Cees van Beek and translated by Ruth van Egmond. When you have any questions, don't hesitate and mail

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