vrijdag 28 februari 2014

Waking up before the huge white throne in the Heavenly courtroom…...

God was ‘surprised’ about the ones who came in the courtroom without being called. 
It happens a lot more the last years. 
He called nobody in to justify themselves. 
The festschrift was closed before His face. 
That book, where He wrote down what all people did: the good and the evil. 
Remarkable that those two couples came by themselves… they had willingly robbed themselves of life. 
There they stood, completely surprised, at the threshold of the Heavenly courtroom.
They didn't want to come in, but were pushed by an invisible power towards the huge white throne.

They had discussed it so carefully with each other. There was no God, so they did not have to justify their lives.Their children and family were witnesses of the fact that they had searched everything with the greatest care. They decided to do it with the four of them, because it is still very scary than when you kill yourself and 
with each other you dare more. And there they stood, in utter confusion. They wanted to run away, and hide themselves from the shining Majesty, the intense holiness and the avenging righteousness from God. They screamed to the mountains: 'Fall down on us' and asked the hills: 'Cover us from the wrath of the Lamb on the throne'.

Nothing helped and they left to wait. God started to ask them questions, but they couldn't answer. On His question why they hadn't believed in His Son, Jesus Christ, there was complete silence. God said that if they had done that, they would have carried fruits and be fresh in their old days. Then they would tell everybody about the Lord, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and that He was righteous without any sin. That He was their Rock in Jesus Christ.

So there they stood, before the great and almighty God Whom they had never served. God asked: ‘Didn't you hear my voice in your conscience? That was My Holy Spirit that called you to turn yourself to me!’ They bowed their heads and had to confess that they heard His voice a lot of times. During funerals, after serious accidents and in a lot of setbacks, but also when they walked through the beautiful nature in the Alps. But they didn't listen, they pushed His voice away and had to confess after a lot of warnings, God’s Spirit didn’t speak to them anymore.

            'Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him that sitteth 
                on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb'.

Suddenly they knew the full truth and saw that the love of God for sinners was unending; that God is love. They saw in all clearness that Jesus also suffered for their sins and that He died on the Cross on Calvary. They realized how much He had longed to wash all four of them in His blood, so He could gave them an eternal life. To has been their God and Healer. Now it is too late, they realized. ‘Too late’, they thought. ‘Too late… forever too late…’ and the eternal death was before their eyes.

Finally, after asking all those questions, God condemned them, after they told Him, that it was justly that God would send them to hell. His servants, the Angels, came and tied them. Then they were thrown in the fiery furnace with eternal fire and sulfur. There they experience the most horrible pain in their immortalized body. O that shed blood ... remorsed through their conscience. Against their will they gnashed their teeth and wept continuously. The devil, who deceived them, laughed at them and said: ‘You knew that I would do anything to keep you away from Jesus hands and the arms of the Heavenly Father! You always listened to me and now you must be with me forever'.

O…. then they suddenly realized that their beloved children and grandchildren still were on Earth. They apparently think that when they die, it is just over. They thought they were made of a little dust during the evolution, would die at a time and then nothing else after that. O… and also their example of killing themselves, would make them do the same. In the far distance they saw Jesus with His Angels standing at the door of Hell with His shed blood for them. They wished they could be blind, so they wouldn't see it anymore. The urge now was however so strong, as it was about the future of their children. They screamed to Jesus: ‘Jesus, righteous Lord, can't you send a messenger to the Earth to warn our children from this horrible place of eternal thirst, pain and punishment?’

Jesus looked at them and answered: ‘Every day, the Holy Spirit is sent and speaks to your children’s conscience and through circumstances in their lives'. Also He said: ‘They can read in the Bible, My Word. It is available everywhere they go. Moreover they can experience me through the nature and the universe. By that they can know that there is a living God to Whom they can turn. They only have to look at Him and they will be saved’. They realized that Jesus was right and they turned away to their eternal place.

Yesterday, when I read an article about an old couple that willingly robbed themselves of live . It shocked me inside so much, that the story above went through my mind. It really is incredible how the Netherlands, in less than 50 years, at breakneck speed, slipping further and further into wickedness of appalling sins. That our nation, which was formerly known as the Israel of the West, completely blinded, loading one sin after another on his conscience. Similarly, this elderly couple where the nursing home was an abomination. This post on the AD site has now been read 500,000 times and doing indirectly work in the hearts of old and young. It lays the groundwork, it sows sin in the heart, the mind and the memory for future thoughts when life is difficult and unlucky.

It broke my heart and I hope that you have not left untouched too. Let's go on our knees, call out prayer days and fine days, because our weapons in this battle are not natural but spiritual, and mighty through God to the breakdown the iniquities of our people. We cannot convince our people, that can only be God by His Holy Spirit in the hearts of ministers, MPs and the Dutch people who may also be planning to do this. Let us, as Daniel the prophet, cast our prayers before Him and beg for forgiveness and repentance for our country.

'Oh .... Almighty God in the heavens, the settled place of Thy dwelling. You are not only a God from far away but fortunately also from very close here on earth. Thee beholds this trouble and sorrow, and we give this in your hands. We do not pray as we ought, we are dejected and dismayed when we see the blindness and ignorance of all those people around you and your laws. The murderer from the beginning, the devil, dazzles and seduces now gone so far that they ended their own lives consciously, even if one is still healthy. People come into your courtroom when Thee have not called them and their time was not yet there. We humiliate and humble ourselves before Thee, and our love goes out to those who on earth still hopelessly searching for the paradise lost and who know nothing more'.

'Oh .... Lord in heaven, forgive us, forgive us as a country, forgive our government and forgive the people and organizations that offers help there. We are so far from Thee deviated that we call this a 'soft' and 'good death'. O God forgive ... we present our supplications before Thee in the realization that we and our fathers have sinned, and we have to reconcile. Would You Yourself act in our country that no one is anymore dancing out of life, but when they die they go to You, Jesus?'

"You, Jesus in all your majesty and glory, will then meet them in that eternal heaven, in which cleanest glory in this beautiful country where they received the gold crown of righteousness, and a harp, and a spotless white robe. There will be no tears anymore because Thee will wipe them off first. There will also be no mourning, no death, no crying, no troubles, no sorrow, and no more sin. All those things are passed away. There and then they will always be with You the Lamb, Jesus Christ, and God the Father and the Seven Spirits who are before Your throne for evermore. Amen. "

Written by Cees van Beek and translated by Ruth van Egmond. When you have any questions, don't hesitate and mail. 

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